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There are numerous reasons why people want to improve their speaking skills...maybe ou have to deal with clients or suppliers in English or you have an important job interview? Do you have to present or debate ideas at work? Or do you just want to have more interesting conversations in a different language?

We have a range of courses focusing on verbal skills. 

Speaking Skills Course

We have written a series of classes focuses on developing the key language functions and speaking skills required for more effective communication, Participate in a wide range of interactive activities and exercises, including;

  • Pronunciation and alliteration

  • Making suggestions, giving opinions

  • Justifying and challenging arguments

  • Debating and negotiation skills

  • Discussing popular or difficult topic

  • Scenario roleplays

  • Storytelling and rhyme

  • Presentation skills

Ideal for teachers and business professionals who need to imrpove fluency and range of grammar and vocabulary. 

250€ for 25 hour course (2.5 hours x 10 weeks)  Contact us for more details of dates/times.  

 CV/Interview skills

Improve your employment prospects by analysing and improving your CV and interview skills. 

We offer private classes for indivudlas who wish to translate, or update their CV, maxmise their job applications and improve their effectiveness in interview situations. 

Click here for more details

Get in touch and we can give you more details for the courses above!
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