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Are you looking to develop specific professional skills in English? 

We can help you to develop and improve key areas of business life in English, from presenting ideas and proposals, to hosting meetings and managing communication with colleagues, suppliers and clients.  

Professional Development Training
  • Focus on your specific English learning needs and increase your functional language skills.

  • Do you have an important international meeting, conference call, conference to attend? Do you have to present your ideas or proposals in English to other nationalities? Do you need to brush up on key communication skills?

  • We provide tailor-made classes to focus on these key areas to boost your language skills and confidence;

    • Presenting ideas/proposals/design

    • Dealing with difficult customers
    • Correspondence and communication 

    • Speaking and/or writing skills 
  • This training involves a series of private classes with a dedicated teacher who will help you to practice and gain experience in your chosen areas, to maximise confidence and effectiveness. 
  • Private classes are available all year round at a time and a place to suit you, with packages available, based on your personal needs.
Vocational Training Workshops
  • We also offer a series of intensive 4 hour training seminars to help build your vocabulary, confidence and experience in the following areas: 

    • Negotiation skills, Presentation skills, Marketing skills, Powerpoint Presentations, Customer Service and CRM skills, Telephone / Conference calls skills, Writing / Correspondence skills

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We are happy to discuss your needs
and help you choose the classes
that are best for you!
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