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We offer businesses in Madrid a professional in-house service to suit the needs of their employees. Our professional teachers attend your place of work to provide classes based on the operational and training requirements of the company.

We can offer packages including private and/or group classes for employees, at competitive rates, including;

Group or 1-2-1 classes (Bi-weekly)
  • Make it easy to improve the English skills of your team by offering an English class programme at their place of work.

  • Private or group classes for up to 10 people per group are available all year round, or in parallel to the academic year (September to July). 

  • Level tests are carried out and staff organised into groups to maximise development, increase confidence and learning and maintain consistency with the European Framework. 

  • Class content can be tailored to focus on;

    • Recommended ESL coursebooks and approved materials

    • Cambridge PET, FCE, CAE, CPE or Trinity ISE Examinations 

    • Specific business sectors - Finance, Marketing, Design, Administration

Vocational Training Workshops
  • Provide your staff with invaluable executive training in a range of specific skills. 

  • You can choose to receive this training through a series of 2 hour group classes (for up to 10 people) or schedule an intensive training seminars and workshops (for up to 30 people).

  • Modules include;

    • Negotiation skills

    • Presentation skills

    • Marketing skills

    • Powerpoint Presentations

    • Customer Service and CRM skills

    • Telephone / Conference calls skills

    • Writing / Correspondence skills

Personal Development Training
  • Support key members of your team with private classes that focus on their specific English learning needs and increase their functional language skills.

  • Does someone in your team have an important international meeting, conference call, conference to attend? Do your employess have to present their ideas in English to other nationalities? Does your team need to brush up on key communication skills?

  • We provide tailor-made classes to focus on these key areas to boost your employees' language skills and confidence;

    • Presenting ideas/proposals/designs

    • Dealing with difficult customers
    • Correspondence and communication 

    • Speaking and/or writing skills 
We are happy to meet with you to discuss your needs and provide a personal proposal for your business or team.
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