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Prosperity English is not the same as other English Academies.

We are small, but specialized, and have helped hundreds of clients to improve their skills,

increase their confidence, and widen their opportunities professionally and personally.

We tailor tuition and concentrate on improving the key skills you need,

for work, for personal development and for helping others to speak English.

Do you need the C1 advanced certificate? Book a place on our exam preparation course - click here 

Improve the English skills of your team with 

bi-weekly group classes, tailored to your business requirements, or provide vocational training courses and workshops for professional development.

Whether you are preparing for an official exam, practising for an interview, developing your CV or you just want to have regular conversations in English - we have a range of courses and classes for you to choose from.

Develop your teaching skills and techniques.   We provide coaching workshops for new teachers,  exam preparation courses for teachers and conversation classes for practice outside the classroom environment.

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